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Medical school:Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine-Honors Physician Scientist Research Track

College: University of North Texas Honors College (Pre-Med Program) GPA: 3.9

College: Pepperdine University- Malibu, CA (Pre-Med Program Seaver Science Division) 



Curriculum Vitae

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President of RVUCOM Class of 2025

  • Lead weekly meetings where I represented the student body to faculty and staff.

  • Member of the Student Government Association where we enacted policy to mandate required Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity training for students and faculty.

  • Directed a school wide fundraiser for wellness initiatives, where I partnered with Nike, Columbia, and Ringtail USA and sold over $17,000 worth of products. 

  • Organize town halls, service projects with the Utah food bank, ​prepare event approval forms, and the end of year budget.

Physician Scientist Honors Research Track 

  • Selected by the Director of Research and Scholarly activity through an application process.

  • Current research includes investigating how Droperdiol impacts excitable delirium.


Medical Assistant at Rapid Med Urgent Care- Double Oak, Tx


  • Performed IM injections, blood draws, EKGs, ear irrigations, suture removal, autoclaving medical supplies, triaging patients, applying and removing splints, and assisting in minor procedures. 


North Texas Neurocognitive Lab

  • Started the North Texas Neurocognitive Lab with Dr. Anthony Ryals of University of North Texas, 

  • My research involved investigating how executive functioning and subjective awareness of memory relates to behavior, brain function, and quality of life in both healthy and cognitively impaired populations. 

  • Presented my research "Pupil Dilation Suggests a Role of Autonomic Arousal in Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon" at Psychonomics 2019.

Shadowed Dr. John Scott DO Physician Anesthesiologist 

  • observed many different procedures and learned surgical care plans, operation of anesthesia machines, anesthesiology related  drugs, and intubation techniques. 

Division 1 Athlete and Captain

  •  I competed as an division 1 athlete for both the University of North Texas and Pepperdine University in national and state level dance competition.

  • As captain I lead 35 women of diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds, while dancing for the Dallas Cowboys, UNT and organizing various charity events and volunteer opportunities throughout Texas. 

Image by Alexandra Gorn
Image by Annie Spratt


Volunteer service

Utah food bank

  • Assembles breakfast boxes for children in need of food during the summer though their Neighborhood Connections Program.

  • Decorates food bank boxes for the elderly during the holidays.

Switch Point Garden​ and Daycare Facility 

  • Work in the Switch Point Homeless Shelter Garden to provide fresh healthy food for their kitchen. 

  • Promoting an inclusive and safe environment to mentor the homeless population in St. George.


  • Teaching practical and social skills, providing education and free resources to get a create a resume, fill out job applications  and practice for job interviews. 

Student Doctor of the Year Board Member

  • Selected to work with RVUCOM faculty to choose the Student Doctor of the year through an application, essay, and interview process. 

Ivins City Heritage Event

  • Represented RVUCOM by providing free blood pressure screenings, and visiting with community members to encourage healthy diet and exercise habits.


"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ms. Patton and witnessing her interactions with patients, colleagues, and medical staff at the hospitals I practice. She has an admirable professional demeanor which will be a great asset to our profession.


Further, Ms. Patton has received multiple awards through the years attesting to her leadership skills. These should easily transfer in an ability to communicate with colleagues and hospital administration.

The medical profession needs dedicated, strong leaders such as Chelsi Patton to address the challenges of the ever changing and complicated atmosphere the healthcare world has become. I welcome her into my profession because she will be a great asset."

-Dr. John S. Scott, DO, MHA, FASA of ALLCARE Physicians Group



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